Inspectrum Affiliate: Manual “Mogley” Herrera

I’ve known Mogely for a few years now and I’ll have to say his work ethic and love for skating never ceases to impress me.  With a unique bag of tricks along with some technical ability and of course some good old fashion carcass tossing, his video parts always leave you surprised and wanting more.  Here is one of his most recent sponsor me videos.

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Inspectrum Affiliates…

The Inspectrum Affiliate program is a way to help out a small group of hard working skateboarders.  It’t not exactly sponsorship but its not exactly not sponsorship either.  Basically there a few dudes out there that I see working hard but still having a rough go.  This is our way of helping them out in the little way that we can.  First up we have Allen Hernandez.  Allen has been ripping locally for some time and has a good work ethic as well.


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Monday Memories: East High Hubba

east photos-4

Its always a bummer when skate spots are made forever un-skateble.  Such is the case for one of my favorite Bakersfield spots of the past.  The East high hubba ledge.  It was probably one of the better spots that Bakersfield ever had.  The runway was long smooth and crack free, no issues with the landing (except for the occasional lurker that had just gotten off the bus) and most weekends you could skate there fairly hassle free.  A lot of rad tricks went down on this thing by locals and visiting pros.  I decided to highlight a few of my local favorites.  There is definitely a few I would like to have added but I don’t have access to the footage at this time.  Its really a shame it’s not skate-able now.  I would love to see the tricks this generation would do on it.



sid-eastSid Melvin- Kickflip front board and Kickflip 50-50.  He did Switch front board which I don’t have and also nollie backside Nosegrind which never got filmed.



Devine Calloway-Nollie nose, nollie, switch tail and nollie crook.  I remember him doing kickflip back 5-0 as well but again I don’t have the footage.  Devine was on a tear at this point and I’m pretty sure all this was pretty easy for him.


andy-eastAndy Drennan-180 nose grind and Kickflip Noseslide.  I wouldn’t say these where necessarily highlights but like I said I only had access to so much footy for this.  I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the first to do either of these.  I remember hearing Dave Rickett kick flip nose slid it a good 2 years before this and being blown away.  I think he did it pretty easy too and also more than once.  I remember mine being quite the struggle.

everen-eastEveren Stallion- bs 180 nosegrind,nollie 5-0, nollie-back lip, kick flip boardslide, switch 180 5-0, nollie heel nose and nollie flip nose.  To my knowledge Everen did the most tricks on there.  I probably did more than this too.  We used to go there quite a bit with out a camera and he would do all sorts of things.  I couldn’t believe it when he did the nollie heel nose.  I don’t think he could have done it any better.


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Mountains and stuff…

Sorry for the lack of posts the last couple of weeks.  Things have been pretty hectic around here. Went up to mammoth this last weekend with Inspetrum rider Dave Rickett over the last weekend.  I made Dave do all the hard stuff.  Here is a little recap.

june23blog-3Dave starting things out right.

june23blog-2Made a quick little skate stop in lone pine on the way.  Fun little park with some weird but interesting obstacles.  Dave got this frontside grind up and over.


Dave catching stuff.


Decided to skate mammoths “other park”

june23blog-7And lastly brown trout look awesome.

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The art department rips…

june9thblogpics-5The art department (Nicky Gaston) came to town over the weekend to skate. enjoy our amazing heat and learn about juggalos.  Here are a few of the highlights.june9thblogpics-2

Nicky Frontside Crail.

june9thblogpics-3Jumping over stuff.

june9thblogpics-4Switch Barely grind.

NickyBluntkickflipfakieBlunt kickflip. 

DylanfrontshuvcrookgreenfrogAlso over the weekend Inspectrum alumni Dylan Williams did his best “Guy Mariano in the credits of mouse impression, although not switch.” freeshipping

Recently a costumer bought a shirt from are online store and was charged $11 in shipping bringing his total to$38 for one shirt.  Thats way to much for one shirt if you ask me so I refunded his shipping cost and removed shipping from everything in our online store within the lower 48 states.

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The way she goes…

Sad news in the skateboard world last week with the death of Alien Workshop.  Alien was a big inspiration to us over here at Inspectrum.  I’ll  admit that the name Inspectrum was partially inspired by my love of this graphic when I was first started skateboarding.


Also these two montages where pretty heavily influenced by there work in the video department, although not near their level.

  Here is a good article about what could have caused their downfall.  Lastly here is an excellent best of montage by the one and only Manolo tapes.

  Enough reminiscing.  Our new Western Series finally came in.  Featuring more amazing artwork by Nicky Gaston and guaranteed not to be a scooter, how could you pass these up?



That means we’re aloud to have one, right?



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Semi slow week…

In the “Bakersfield actually has a skatepark worth skating” department, this place came out pretty cool.  Let’s hope they don’t get to crazy with the pad enforcement like they did in Beach Parks earlier years.


We’re running a little sale in our online store to make room for our new board graphic release later this week.


Let’s hope front nosing five stairs becomes a new trend.  #noseslideordie


Twinkie shaped parking blocks are cool. 


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Thats Whats Up…

If you haven’t seen it go out and pick up the June 2014 issue of The Skateboard Mag to see Matt’s instacrops of the year win in full print glory. 



Dave likes to grind rainbow rails and catch long skinny trout.  


Speaking of trout,  The Fish Don’t kill my vibe shirts have been added to the Online store.   


I petted the rainbow trout.


As Always, Adam likes to pole dance.  



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More skateboarding and stuff….

We’ll Matts part is finally out.



I also printed our first run of these last week.  Should have them up in the online store by the end of the week.  Super hyped on this one! 

A buddy of mine built some sick DIY up in the mountains.  It’s always good to see people taking matters into their own hands.



Just found out via the slap forums that we have shitty art direction.  Thanks for the head up dudes!

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 4.42.12 PM


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Inspectrum Skateboards Presents: Matt Guerrero

I’ve known Matt Since he was 14.  He’s been this good the whole time.  Go ahead and press play now.

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