Inspectrum Skateboards Presents: Matt Guerrero

I’ve known Matt Since he was 14.  He’s been this good the whole time.  Go ahead and press play now.

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Short Film about Inspectrum…

Watch me ramble on about skateboarding and how Inspectrum skateboard co came to exist in this short film.


In a side note, 23 news did an article about the new planz park and decided to bootleg a bunch of Inspectrum footy with out permission.  They also apparently don’t allow embeded videos so you’ll have to follow the link.

Last but not least, there will be a Matt part this week.

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Still no Matt part but….

Well we lied.  The Matt Guerrero intro part still isn’t done.  However we do have a few things for  your view pleasure this week.  Starting with this super rad remix of some old bakersfield legends from around 1996-1998 including a very young Devine Calloway.  I’m so glad this footage rose to the surface after all these years.  Pat did a great job putting it together in a way that makes for an enjoyable watch.

Here’s a trailer for a small documentary on myself and Inspectrum.  I believe it will go live next Monday.

Just added our Curb Club shirt to our online store.  It’s rumored to improve your curb skating by 3%.

Curb Club

In spot news it looks like the I-5 ditch is skateble again.


march31-2 march31

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Some pictures and captions and stuff…

We said we would have Matt’s part done but as things often go we had technical difficulties.  We are hoping to have it finished by this friday.  It will be worth the wait.  Until then enjoy this back tail gif.


Drove by the Planz plaza today.  It’s looking really good.  Can’t wait for it to be finished.  Only one bad photo for now.



More classic shots of Mcdonalds banks seem to keep trickling in.  Loving this one of Karma.  march31-2


Looks like Everens Modeling career is really starting to take off.  march31-5

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Great here comes the new guy…

In the I can’t believe it took us this long to put him on department,  Matt Guerrero is officially on Inspectrum Skateboards. We’re hoping to have an introducing part up by the end of the week but until then we’ll be posting few Matt related things a long the way.  Let’s start with his bang yourself video from a few years back.

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A new plaza, an old park and a murse…

If you haven’t seen it already they released the plans for Bakersfield’s first Plaza.  Hopefully this will be the first of many.  With such a strong skate scene here its amazing that it took this long for the city to build something we might actually want to skate. Thats what makes DIY spots so great.  If there not going to give it to us we’ll take matters into our own hands.



This looks to be a huge upgrade considering what we had before.

Beach Over view

Although it is hard to believe that our city knows how to build a skatepark since they insist this “Is a regulation handrail for the state of california.”.


Adam thinks he’s cool because he skates pros parks now.


Our team rider Derek Barman was spotted with a prototype for his new pro-model murse (man purse).  Could this be the next thing to over take the market?  I’m gonna go ahead and say all the camo and weed leaf prints in the world wouldn’t make it sell.  But who knows?


If you couldn’t tell from our products we love fishing and the out doors if not just to go to places like this. march15-2

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Video parts and tattoos and stuff

Someone actually got an Inspectrum tattoo.  Its pretty crazy to think that something that started in your head ended up on someones skin for the rest of there life.  Or at least until they realize they’ve made a terrible mistake getting an Inspectrum tattoo and get it covered up.  But non the less thank  you for your support.  It really is appreciated.  IMG_7094

Here’s another one in accordance with last weeks post.  I love everything about this photo.  Tom Knox at the brick quarter pipes.


Reading the comments in a video part that came out this past week I couldn’t help but think about how video parts have changed.  Here is the quote that got me thinking.

“this new skateboarding is so stupid… nothing has a value anymore and everything looks so empty. i’m really sorry if someone’s gonna get this all wrong (and i know they will), but the ones know have been out there skateboarding at least for more than 10 years will understand what i’m trying to say. i mean, this kid is really putting some gnarly shit down, but i can’t feel any of those tricks. it’s all done and filmed just because his sponsors arranged so, not because he’s feeling like it. i mean, maybe he does feel it, but it can’t be felt compared to the fact that he HAD to do that… shit, shit, shit.”

I don’t agree with the view exactly but It does bring up an interesting point.  The video part has changed.  How can something that took someone so much work be overlooked so easily?  Obviously one of the main reasons is the internet.  With so many great video parts available we no longer watch the same ones everyday before we go skate.  I definitely don’t think its the skaters fault.  Especially in the instance the comment was on.  That means its up to the editor to present the skater in a way that we need to see more.  I know one thing I feel is missing is the fun of the search.  I remember having to hunt certain videos down to be able to finally watch them.  I miss that in a way.  I guess that brings us to these two mini remixes is of our own Adam Estrada’s Footy. Originally I had this Idea of editing one boring and one exciting but after all was said and done I don’t think it came out that way at all.  Judge for yourself.  If you don’t like either its my fault not Adams.

Adam Goes to Moscow from Inspectrum Skateboards on Vimeo.



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Sick Nostalgia

Sitting at home sick today I found myself thinking about all the great skateboarding that has gone down in our little smog filled town.  Whether it be from a visiting skater or a local,  these are just a small few of the tricks that stuck out to me.  There are quite a few more that I couldn’t find, don’t have access too or are just the stuff of local legend.  I wish I had more footage our early street locals but it was a time before everyone had a video camera in there pocket at all times.  None the less here is what I could dig up in a few hours.

Jesse Paez 411 issue 1 wheels of fortune.  Ollie pin oak park


This one stuck out to me because I used to skate here a lot as kid.  I remember hearing the double set was in a 411 and it took me years to find out which one.  At the time I couldn’t believe some one could ollie that.  I also couldn’t believe some where I skated was in a video.

Tom Knox McDonalds banks Destruction.  Santa Cruz-Troops of Tomorrow


It wasn’t till about later I was shown this awesomeness.  Anyone who has skated this spot knows how ridiculous these tricks are.  I wish there was more accessible footage of locals skating here.  I’ve heard legends of things like switch back tail shuvs going down.  Tom destroyed a few Bakersfield spots in this video.


Karma Tsocheff- Back 180 attempt Compton Jr high.  Consolidated video (I can’t remember the name of this one)


I featured this one more for the spot.  The double set always gets the most attention at Compton but I think this gap is more interesting.  Let’s see what you’ve got young dudes!  I’ve been told many legends about the things Karma has done around town.  One of the most impressive is wallie off the corner over the sidewalk at our next spot.

John Cardiel-Wallride Brick banks

cardiel-wallridebrickbanksHow can you not have a Cardiel photo if one is available?  He’s not the only person to ever do it but is just such a rad photo I had to throw it in there.  Not to mention the spot was just so rad.  Natural brick quarter pipes? Yes please!

Eggy King-Front Blunt Rosedale rails


Finally We’ve got a local in there.  If you’ve been to this spot you know how tall it is.  Front blunt is out of control.  Eggy you silly bastard.

Devine Calloway-backside over crook standard.


I actually choose this one because I didn’t have access to the other trick he did that night which was Backside Noseblunt.  I remember being so blown away that he did it.  At that time hardly anybody was doing backside noseblunts on handrails and here’s Devine handling it easily.  Rad tricks from a rad dude.

Everen Stallion-Nollie Heel Nose East high hubba.


You know I couldn’t help but feature one of our own in this post.  Everen did so many tricks on this thing its hard to pick one but I always really liked this one.  I use to pick him up every saturday and we’d drive staight to to it.  A lot of awesome moves went down on this thing.  I wish it was still skate able today.  I would love to see what would go down on it now.

Thats it for now.  These aren’t necessarily the best tricks to ever go down in Bakersfield.  Just a few from the past that stood out to me.  If anyone has more local footy from the past, please post a link.

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We must go forward not backward and upward not down ward and twirling twirling always twirling…

A lot has been going on around here recently.  Two of our local skate shops here in Bakersfield closed down.  That means there are only a few locally owned shops left in town.  Support your local shop where ever you might live.  If we don’t where will everyone meet and complain about how there is nothing to skate or discuss  whatever random internet clip they watched that day.  No one wants to live in a world where they are forced to go to zumiez to buy grip tape or use a skate tool.  I’m know we are all sick of hearing the same thing about buying local.  I know I am.  But there is a reason that it continues to be a topic.  Buying local and  knowing where your money goes really does matter.  Enough of that for now.  Let’t move on.

On the upside this last month Kernside got a sweet face lift with the addition of a new boob and a a whole new channel section.  Thank you to all who donated there time and money.  #spotsaintgivinsoweretakin

IMG_6897 IMG_7010

Next up We’re all super hyped on our upcoming board series by Nicky Gaston.  I think this should give you the feeling we where going for.



There are still a few of these guys left if you haven’t snagged one yet.

I hit decline every time. IMG_7043


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All up on them Interwebs!

Working on a lot of new things in this new year.  Starting with a fresh run of boards and possibly a new wood supplier.  Things are looking good.  Our next series may be the best we’ve done yet.  Also we are happy to add another Shop that supports us to the list:  Captains Sk8 in Redwood city!  We just sent these goods up there last week so be sure to stop by and check them out.CaptainsSk8goods  But enough with the product talk.  Here is a quick recap of a few of our Instagram videos from last week. And last but not least congrads to Inspectrum Alumni Dylan Williams on his amazing Independent Raw am part!


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