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Why would we make a Western Series?

While our most recent Western Series may seem like just another group of pictures on skateboards, they are more than that. The idea was simply to convey a certain time period with sense of adventure. The idea of a lawless land where cowboys fought indians has been touched upon countless times. There is so much more to it than that. Take for example one of the main inspirations for our series Bodie California. No cowboys here. Just miners looking to make a quick buck while enduring winters of 20 feet of snow and hundred mile an hour winds in paper thin shacks. These people where hard as nails. There was everything you could imagine from the obvious of gun fights, saloons, whore houses and ballrooms. Bodie even had its own china town. What does all this have to do with skateboarding? I’d like to think that skateboarding has some of the same sense of adventure and willingness to struggle as the people who risked it all to live in towns like Bodie.


I do not own the rights to the photos of Bodie.

c75-Bodie Township1040 c47-Bedroon 1040Bodie-Saloon- all

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San Francisco trip

Here’s a little photo recap of our recent SF trip.









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