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Our Hooked up Collection is now live!

Our hooked up collection is now live in our Online store!


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You don’t know me you don’t like me…

Buck Owens was a Bakersfield legend.  This graphic is our little tribute to him.  Check out the song that inspired the graphic here.  The lyric “You don’t know me you don’t like me but can you walk the streets of Bakersfield?” is so rad.  The shirt is now available in our online store.



We also have a new addition in our headwear department.  Our Fish Don’t Kill My Vibe hats are now available in our online store as well.  These hats are made of soft corduroy and I would say they’re the best hats we’ve made yet!


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A few site updates…

teamportraitspicFinally got around to doing a few much needed updates on the site.  First up the team page now has photos and videos for each rider.  Check it out here.  Also created a video archive page featuring most of our past productions.  And Lastly added stockist list so you can see where you can check out our goods in person.  As always we appreciate your online business but if you can find your way to one of this fine retailers please do that instead.  With that being said new colors of the Fish Dont Kill My Vibe shirt have been added to the online storeFishdontnewcolorsFishdontnewcolors-4

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The art department rips…

june9thblogpics-5The art department (Nicky Gaston) came to town over the weekend to skate. enjoy our amazing heat and learn about juggalos.  Here are a few of the highlights.june9thblogpics-2

Nicky Frontside Crail.

june9thblogpics-3Jumping over stuff.

june9thblogpics-4Switch Barely grind.

NickyBluntkickflipfakieBlunt kickflip. 

DylanfrontshuvcrookgreenfrogAlso over the weekend Inspectrum alumni Dylan Williams did his best “Guy Mariano in the credits of mouse impression, although not switch.” freeshipping

Recently a costumer bought a shirt from are online store and was charged $11 in shipping bringing his total to$38 for one shirt.  Thats way to much for one shirt if you ask me so I refunded his shipping cost and removed shipping from everything in our online store within the lower 48 states.

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The way she goes…

Sad news in the skateboard world last week with the death of Alien Workshop.  Alien was a big inspiration to us over here at Inspectrum.  I’ll  admit that the name Inspectrum was partially inspired by my love of this graphic when I was first started skateboarding.


Also these two montages where pretty heavily influenced by there work in the video department, although not near their level.

  Here is a good article about what could have caused their downfall.  Lastly here is an excellent best of montage by the one and only Manolo tapes.

  Enough reminiscing.  Our new Western Series finally came in.  Featuring more amazing artwork by Nicky Gaston and guaranteed not to be a scooter, how could you pass these up?



That means we’re aloud to have one, right?



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We must go forward not backward and upward not down ward and twirling twirling always twirling…

A lot has been going on around here recently.  Two of our local skate shops here in Bakersfield closed down.  That means there are only a few locally owned shops left in town.  Support your local shop where ever you might live.  If we don’t where will everyone meet and complain about how there is nothing to skate or discuss  whatever random internet clip they watched that day.  No one wants to live in a world where they are forced to go to zumiez to buy grip tape or use a skate tool.  I’m know we are all sick of hearing the same thing about buying local.  I know I am.  But there is a reason that it continues to be a topic.  Buying local and  knowing where your money goes really does matter.  Enough of that for now.  Let’t move on.

On the upside this last month Kernside got a sweet face lift with the addition of a new boob and a a whole new channel section.  Thank you to all who donated there time and money.  #spotsaintgivinsoweretakin

IMG_6897 IMG_7010

Next up We’re all super hyped on our upcoming board series by Nicky Gaston.  I think this should give you the feeling we where going for.



There are still a few of these guys left if you haven’t snagged one yet.

I hit decline every time. IMG_7043


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Lets get this year going!

2013 was one of our best years yet but 2014 is shaping up to be even better.  Coming in hot off our “Cords & Flies” release (which a few are still available here) we have been inspired to take one more projects like it.  First up here is a sneak peek at one of our new board graphics drawn by the talented  Nicky Gaston.  We will be updating this blog a lot more in 2014 as well.  Keep checking back for product updates and probably a few videos and photos.  NickyWesternsneak

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Cords & Flies 5 panel pre-order



We are very excited to be releasing our Cords & Flies 5 panel.  It is the first cut and sew product we have ever made and we couldn’t be happier with the results.  This 5 panel is 100% skateboarder made through every process.  Starting with the design of the pattern by our Talented friend Nicky Gaston, It was then hand screened by my self (Andy Drennan).  I then hand branded each leather patch for the front.  After this was done we Sent it down to Brian Downey (Check his insta @falconbowse to see more of his work) who sewed it all together.  All of these things together mean a one of a kind hat.  There are only 50 being produced and once they are gone they are gone.  Because of the nature of these project we are not able to guarantee the exact color you want but we will do our best to match it. Please state desired color in the special instructions field during checkout. This is only a pre-order.  Expect 3-4 weeks for delivery.

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Our Fall 2013 collection is now available in our online store!


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Nicky Gaston X Inspectrum series availible now!

We just released our newest series in our online store!


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