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Skate Etiquette…

We’ve all had that friend or possibly been the guy who lands a trick and immediately looks at whoever is around him.  Common skate etiquette dictates that you’re not supposed to do this.  Let me clarify before I go any further.  Looking at your friends when you land a trick and looking at whatever stranger that happens to be around you are two completely different things.  The reasons why are fairly obvious.  No one wants to be around the guy screaming look at me, watch me!  Which is essentially the perception you’ve given about yourself when you look at stranger to see if he saw you land your trick.  I think perhaps what might actually be stranger is what we do to avoid being that guy.  Proper etiquette dictates that you look straight ahead and act like your not happy you made the trick.  How is that any better really?  So whats the right answer here?  I don’t think there really is one.  At this point you may be saying to yourself “Skateboarding has no rules!”  This is correct but there will always be social faux pas wether it is in skateboarding or anything else.  So what am I getting at?  I suppose what I’m trying to say is that pretending like you’re not happy and you don’t care that you rolled away might be just as bad as beaming at a stranger right after you land a a trick.  Really self expression and enjoyment is the whole point anyway so I’d say act how you feel.

Geoff Rowley Preforming one of the greater camera beams of all time.




And on a completely different note Inspectrum rider Dave Rickett is in one of the new iphone6 commercials not landing a lipslide.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 12.54.58 PM

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Why would we make a Western Series?

While our most recent Western Series may seem like just another group of pictures on skateboards, they are more than that. The idea was simply to convey a certain time period with sense of adventure. The idea of a lawless land where cowboys fought indians has been touched upon countless times. There is so much more to it than that. Take for example one of the main inspirations for our series Bodie California. No cowboys here. Just miners looking to make a quick buck while enduring winters of 20 feet of snow and hundred mile an hour winds in paper thin shacks. These people where hard as nails. There was everything you could imagine from the obvious of gun fights, saloons, whore houses and ballrooms. Bodie even had its own china town. What does all this have to do with skateboarding? I’d like to think that skateboarding has some of the same sense of adventure and willingness to struggle as the people who risked it all to live in towns like Bodie.


I do not own the rights to the photos of Bodie.

c75-Bodie Township1040 c47-Bedroon 1040Bodie-Saloon- all

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Imported From bakersfield

Feeling a little nostalgic today so here’s a fun little montage featuring a few soon to be Inspectrum riders and several other good friends of Inspectrum.  Enjoy!


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Skating vs. Fishing = same

I’ve been thinking lately that possibly a few of you out there are wondering why we keep making fishing themed graphics when we are supposed to be a skateboard company. I went ahead and mad a chart to illustrate the differences between the two.


As you can see this:



















Is almost the exact same as this:


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Some how this little company from Bakersfield California has managed to stay in business for 4 years as of this week.  I couldn’t be more grateful for all of your support.  Wether you bought a board, put up a sticker or just simply liked one of our photos on instagram, we couldn’t have done it with out you.  Special thanks to our riders, all the rad shops that support us and Nicky Gaston for the amazing artwork.  To show our appreciation, please use the coupon code 4years in our online store to recieve 30% off in our online store.

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Skateboarding duh: Destruction

Everything about skateboarding is meant to be destroyed.  Your boards gets scratched, chipped and broken.  Your shoes and clothes get broken down till there’s nothing left.  Ledges start to chunk up, rails bend and break.  Eventually your body breaks down as well. In an age where everything must be shiny and new, skateboarding remains dirty and broken.  It forces you to adapt to new situations.  In many ways thats what keeps it interesting.

Matt Guerrero hanging out with option two.

Mattkickflipupbacklip MattManualboardshuv

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A few site updates…

teamportraitspicFinally got around to doing a few much needed updates on the site.  First up the team page now has photos and videos for each rider.  Check it out here.  Also created a video archive page featuring most of our past productions.  And Lastly added stockist list so you can see where you can check out our goods in person.  As always we appreciate your online business but if you can find your way to one of this fine retailers please do that instead.  With that being said new colors of the Fish Dont Kill My Vibe shirt have been added to the online storeFishdontnewcolorsFishdontnewcolors-4

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Skateboarding, Duh: Nose Slides

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 4.42.21 PMIn these posts we’ll be giving a nod to a few of our favorite aspects of this thing we call skateboarding.  I feel obligated to start with Noseslides.  All though they have been discussed in detail here.  Anyone who skates with me on a regular basis knows that I spend a good deal of that time nosesliding.  Im pretty sure if you added all my time sliding together it would equal a year or two.  So what makes this trick so great?  Let’s start with the obvious.  Its easy.  Most likely it was one of the first slide tricks you learned.  Second,  you can do it on almost any obstacle.  Whether it be a ledge, flatbar, handrail or what have you, a noseslide will probably work on it.  Third,  noseslides work well on tall obstacles.  Can’t ollie high enough to skate that ledge?  Just noseslide it of course!  Noseslides are a great way to get the blood flowing.  You can show up to a spot not warmed up at all and probably still do a noseslide.  I could go on and on about the virtues of noseslides but instead I’ll stop now in hopes that you go out and find out how great they are yourself.  I heard the great Mark Gonzales said that you can learn at least 5 new tricks off one you already know  so by that logic if you learn noseslides you’ll actually learn six tricks. How can you go wrong with that?


Slide your day away.

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Inspectrum Affiliate: Manual “Mogley” Herrera

I’ve known Mogely for a few years now and I’ll have to say his work ethic and love for skating never ceases to impress me.  With a unique bag of tricks along with some technical ability and of course some good old fashion carcass tossing, his video parts always leave you surprised and wanting more.  Here is one of his most recent sponsor me videos.

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Inspectrum Affiliates…

The Inspectrum Affiliate program is a way to help out a small group of hard working skateboarders.  It’t not exactly sponsorship but its not exactly not sponsorship either.  Basically there a few dudes out there that I see working hard but still having a rough go.  This is our way of helping them out in the little way that we can.  First up we have Allen Hernandez.  Allen has been ripping locally for some time and has a good work ethic as well.


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